David Bryne Poster

A fun announcement from a month ago, but i wanted to document it here, but a ways back Another planet entertainment purchased some of my pieces. And in this case used it as a poster to promote a David Bryne Show. I couldn’t be more honored, to have my work used with his. Anyway here it is.

In addition I updated the Site with new work as well! :)

David Bryne.jpg

New Website!

Well its about time, but i finally got a new website up. Now on square space. I was formerly a WordPress hosted site on Godaddy, but i figured it was time for a change after a server meltdown. Mostly it was time to make the site feel a bit more updated. Kind of like rearranging the furniture in your house to make it feel like a different room. Sometimes you just need a change up.

Everything should be up and running but I'm sure i will run into a few more issues once the domain transfers, so if you have any questions just let me know via the contact page.